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Salon or Studio of the Month

Goddess Hair and Makeup Salon Inc
Conroe, TX

Click on the image or text above to read more about Goddess Hair and Makeup salon and their successful eyelash extension business using EnVogue Lashes eyelash extensions.  If you own a salon and purchase our products, please send us an email so we can see about getting you featured on our Home Page.

Video: How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Training and Certification



See a sample of our popular eyelash extension training video on how to apply eyelashes by clicking on the play button above. Free eyelash certification is included!

Full information on obtaining your certificate in applying individual eyelash extensions is explained at the link below.

Information regarding eyelash extensions certification.

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Also available for immediate download!

 EnVogue Lashes® Eyelash Extension Glue

Important! We do not believe in exposing the lash extension client or the lash extension technician to cancer causing chemicals in the name of beauty. We only sell medical grade eyelash extension glue with no added formaldehyde and with zero fumes.

The proof!  People may go off and try other eyelash extension glue but they eventually return to EnVogue specifically for our adhesive.

 The eyelash extension glue you use makes all the difference. Our medical grade, no odor (no added formaldehyde), eyelash extension glue is poured on demand in small batches exclusively for EnVogue Lashes®. No need for hand drying the eyelash extensions. Individual eyelash extensions remain soft and separated just like natural eyelashes. Much safer for use around the eyes.

ISO2013 Certified. Black only. Our eyelash extension glue comes in a smaller, more cost effective 5ml dropper bottle! No more waste!  Made in USA.

Important: eyelash extension glue application information.

Eyelash extension glue MSDS.

Health Canada information.

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   EnVogue Lashes® Eyelash Extension Kit

Sale! Learn how to apply eyelashes with our eyelash extension kit. Our eyelash kit allows our customers to learn how to apply eyelashes at home or in their salon saving thousands of dollars in time and class cost. Hundreds of people have received eyelash extension training with our eyelash extension kit and gone on to have very successful businesses.  There are no contracts to sign and certification is available for free.  Our extensive training video on how to apply eyelashes and our popular eyelash extension glue, which are required for certification, are included in our Professional Kits. Please review each eyelash extension kit supply list on our shopping page for their description and contents to find the one that is right for you.

See above for video sample on eyelash extension training.

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EnVogue Lashes® Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

New lower price! You absolutely need an eyelash extension glue remover and our no acetone eyelash extension glue remover works to quickly remove dissolve our adhesive.  Acetone free.  20 ml bottle.  Made in USA.

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adhesive remover
   EnVogue Lashes® Eyelash Extensions

Price Reductions on all eyelash extensions! Whether it's our popular mink eyelash extensions or the individual eyelash extensions in our 1 gram container, EnVogue Lashes® has the best eyelash extensions you can buy.  They come in either an easy pick case (like our synthetic mink eyelash extensions) or in a large, round clear container of individual eyelash extensions packaged in a resealable plastic bag.  Our high quality eyelash extension supplies (that are American made when possible)  great customer service and resonable prices make EnVogue Lashes® the go to place to purchase all your eyelash extension supplies.

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