About EnVogue Lashes

About EnVogue Lashes

Company Policy
Your success is our success. It’s as simple as that.
 As founder and president, I decided to start EnVogue Lashes™ after struggling to make the current products on the market work as promised. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. But after much research I decided there were two major problems. One is that the lashes do not stay on for 90 days as most companies are advertising and two, the glue available was inferior. I solved problem number one by telling my customers the truth, that the lashes will last between 2 to 6 weeks and they will need to get touch ups every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the lengths of the extensions applied and how well they follow the maintenance instructions. I make sure they understand that they will need to maintain them just as they would artificial nails as far as touch ups are concerned. Once I explain this to them, they are so happy to have their beautiful, full lashes they are not upset with having to come in for touch ups.

Problem number two was solved by contacting a major adhesive manufacturer here in the United States and telling him what materials I was using and the problems I was having with the current adhesives. After a few weeks, a medical grade, no odor, quick set adhesive was sent to me as a sample. I was amazed with the difference this adhesive made in my application process! My application time was cut in half! Because the glue sets within 10 to 15 seconds, I can put many more lashes on with no clumping! I average 55 eyelashes per eye in 1 hour! There is minimal separation needed and virtually no blow drying time required. The lashes stay soft and separated just like natural lashes.

The other main reason I decided to start EnVogue Lashes™ was that I was appalled at the price gouging and dubious claims that were going on with the various companies supplying lash extension products to the beauty industry. I vowed to do better. That said, EnVogue Lashes™ promises to supply you with the best quality lash extension products for a fair and reasonable price. I also vow to offer top customer service at all times. I believe that by following these two credos, I will obtain your loyalty and together we will enjoy continued business success.

By Janine Brennan
Founder, President

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