All Eyelash Extension Adhesive Information

All Eyelash Extension Adhesive Information

 If you do not follow the application instructions the eyelash extensions may not adhere properly or the adhesive may not obtain it's optimum bond life. The application information is included in our Manual or you can download it here.  Adobe reader required.

Important! We do not believe in exposing the eyelash extension client or the eyelash extension technician to cancer causing chemicals in the name of beauty. We only sell medical grade adhesive with no formaldehyde and with zero fumes.

We have worked with an exclusive adhesive manufacturer here in the United States for over five years to perfect this no fume, medical grade adhesive. It takes a little getting use to as it is probably different from the eyelash adhesive you may have been using but once you try it, you will see that it is the best medical grade glue to use on your clients. When following our instructions, set time is a quick 3 to 4 seconds (full bond in 12 hours) allowing you to spend less time on separation and more time on getting the most eyelash extensions on your customer leaving them beautiful, amazed and happy. No fumes means no tearing or irritation.

This glue is for professional use only. If you have never used our glue before, it is highly recommended that you also purchase our training DVD/Manual (train1)to ensure that you are applying the adhesive safely and effectively. There are certain steps and prep work we have developed and if they are not followed, your clients lashes will not look their best and their lash extensions will not stay on as long. Proper amounts of adhesive for each lash are shown in detail in our training manual. If you use too little or too much the adhesive will not perform optimally.

There are no "rubberizing agents" in our glue. It will not react with any salon fumes which can cause some glues to become stiff and tacky.  Our adhesive is also thinner than other adhesives on the market making for a nice, smooth transition between the extension and the natural lash.  From Wikipedia, "cyanoacrylate is applied thinly, to ensure that the reaction proceeds rapidly and a strong bond is formed within a reasonable time". "a very thin layer bonds more effectively than a thicker one".  Click here for more details on cyanoacrylates.

Due to manufacturing practices beyond our control, our adhesive will have a 3-4 month shelf life when stored overnight in the refrigerator.  Remember, moisture is the glue's worst enemy so make sure that cap goes back on immediately and it is tightened.

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